May 6, 2011 Chris


We don’t have all the answers… no one does; but we can help you ask the right questions.

We don’t offer any shortcuts… there are none to any place worth going to.

We don’t drop your details into a ‘template’ that provides an instant ‘one size fits all solution’… ‘templating you’ without understanding what you’re trying to achieve will make you mediocre; just like everybody else.

We don’t blindly follow ‘best practices’…  while being aware of what others are doing is a useful ‘input’, what’s more important is developing the ‘right practices’ to bring your strategy to life and make you stand out from the crowd.

It’s because of this that we’ll probably never work together.

Don’t worry about it…  It might be that you’re looking for someone else to make your tough choices for you, or you’re not bold enough, realistic enough, ambitious enough, to create your own future.  It might be that you don’t like the way we speak, our approach, our dress sense or our sense of humour.  You might be constrained by your organisation, your budget or your objectives. Perhaps you prefer to do what you want rather than what you need.  Or maybe you feel safer following the crowd… and getting lost in it.

Meanwhile… there remain a few of you – the ones who don’t think, feel and behave this way; the ones who want to make their ideal world their real world.

That’s just the way we like it.  We can’t wait to speak with you.

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