May 6, 2011 Chris

While other consultancies talk “strategy”, but soon revert to short-sighted, tactical, tinkering with the status quo, StrataBridge help you create the bridge from your real world to your ideal world.

Pursuing your long-term strategy while delivering results today is fraught with contradictions.  Recognising this paradox, and the many more we face in an increasingly interconnected world, StrataBridge – both a noun and a verb – epitomises ‘both/and’ thinking.

Paradox creates confusion because things don’t behave the way we instinctively expect them to:

  • We often apply more of the same ‘medicine’ to solve a problem – and wonder why the problem worsens, or other new problems appear elsewhere
  • We direct, dictate, intervene and manage more – only to receive less in terms of the results we want to achieve
  • We push harder for closure – only to find the solution more evasive

The confusion that comes with paradox can cause both uncoordinated thrashing around and inaction – another paradox in itself!

But embraced properly, paradox also creates opportunity.  Our approach will help you break through these barriers to action and strike your unique balance between:

  • Both a framework for coordination and alignment and freedom for initiative and creativity
  • Both short-term results and long-term strategic direction
  • Both the ‘hard stuff’ (processes, mechanics, structure) and the ‘soft stuff’ (values, emotions, behaviours)

StrataBridge.  Creating the bridge to make your Ideal world your Real world.

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