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This page contains lots of free resources for you. Generally themed around S&OP, IBP, and other strategy deployment tools. Please download anything you want. All we ask is that you complete the simple registration form. We promise never to pass on your details to any other party and not to bombard you with e-mails. In fact if you receive more than one e-mail a year from us we will be breaking our own marketing records!

Laying the Odds

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This article from the Journal of Business Forecasting sets out some steps to help you ensure that your S&OP process is important to the senior leadership team by making S&OP the bridge to strategy…



S&OP and Strategy JBF Spring 2013 click underlined link to open pdf in new window


This article from Winning Edge the journal of the Institute of Sales and Marketing Management explains why forecasting is an important job for Sales and Marketing.





Laying the Odds – Forecasting and S&OP click underlined link to open pdf in new window


An article Dick Ling, Andy Coldrick and Chris Turner, three of the original founders of StrataBridge explaining the historical development of S&OP


Evolution of S&OP click underlined link to open pdf in new window