About You

You are a fast-moving, brand-led organisation.

You know the value in building a unique culture that enables rapid decision-making.

You are committed to gaining advantage by exploring new opportunities for your organisation.

You know accelerating growth requires making tough choices.

You believe in turning strategic complexity into operational simplicity.

You know your organisation can achieve more based on strategic choices to make you unique.

Put simply, you want great results on your terms.

‘Fast-moving and Brand-led’… We all are

In these increasingly volatile, unpredictable times, all organisations need to be fast-moving.  And while ‘brand-led’ might suggest consumer products, all companies – regardless of size, sector, products or services – need to ‘own a space in their target customers mind’ and continually deliver on the explicit or implicit promises they make.

You know the importance of your brand and the competitive advantage gained when the whole organisation lives-up to it.


‘Culture’… You know how you’re unique, and why

There is a lot of talk about ‘culture change’, ‘transformation’ and ‘change management’.  Unfortunately, in many cases these have become vacuous buzz-words and phrases.  The result; Change for change sake, without a clear understanding of what we are changing, how to lead and manage through the change, or most importantly, why.

You know the importance of ‘culture’, and you also know the unique aspects and nuances of your organisations culture in differentiating you from the pack.  You understand why you are different and the need of keeping the precious core values and characteristics of your culture and adapting how these are expressed in a changing world and competitive environment.


‘Deliver Today; Create the Future’… Both/And not Either/Or

Gaining and continually maintaining a competitive advantage requires a delicate, dynamic and perpetual balancing act.  Both protecting existing, and developing new business.  Both driving efficiencies, and creating space for innovation.  Both delivering in the short-term, and preparing for the future.

You are committed to developing the processes, capabilities and behaviours to exploring new opportunities and making the tough choices to translate these into growth.


Translating Strategic Choices into Coherent Action – From Complexity to Simplicity

It should go without saying that making strategy happen, particularly against the backdrop of an increasingly interconnected world, requires an eco-system of tightly coordinated, internally consistent and interlocking insights, choices, decisions and actions. A hallmark of leadership is the ability to make a complex subject understandable – the ability to ask the right questions before jumping to the answers, clarity of your own strategic choices, and a focus on pivotal actions. A hallmark of mediocrity is unnecessary complexity – a reliance on some predetermined ‘best practice’, which by definition is based on somebody else’s strategic choices, the tendency to spread, rather than focus, resources, and the pursuit of multiple, disconnected ‘initiatives’ and ‘quick fixes’.

You understand the need to grapple with the complexities of your situation in order to identify the choices and actions to translate your strategy into focused, coherent action to make it simple, make it happen, and make it stick.